Reading activities at Townsville child care

If you have enroll your child at any preschool program you may be wondering what children are taught on a day to day basis. The curriculum at childcare is pretty diverse. It actually depends upon the kind of care that you have chosen for your child. If you have already  enrolled them at an established Day Care you would be pleased to know that children are not only looked after but also prepared for the next step into education. This is done in a variety of ways with the help of interactive activities.

The caregivers interact with the children in a way by introducing various learning games and reading activities. Even children as young as six months old are introduced to sensory books which can help them develop their Motor skills. For the older children there are special teachers who would help them read by introducing them to the various sounds of the alphabet.

How reading is taught at Townsville child care

  • Children are introduced to foundational literacy skills. This may involve the use of interactive story books where the children are allowed to read the book and interpret it with the help of their teachers. They are taught nursery rhymes and other such forms which can help expand the vocabulary and come in handy during reading. At this age there is not a whole lot of pressure to understand the words in written form but rather the focus is on developing reading skills through language learning.
  • Several words are introduced to the child’s vocabulary with the help of role plays and other such activities which promote communication skills.
  • The caregivers also encourage children to participate in circle time. Children are encouraged to participate and Express themselves. Children at toddlers age especially the ones who are 3 to 4 year old are asked to use their words. The gentle prompting by the teachers for children helps them develop confidence in their speaking skills.
  • There is also a read aloud activity which is a systematic way of promoting reading so that children can understand what is being read. It also helps improve their vocabulary and allow them to learn and grasp new concepts.
  • Story books are read in repetition. The caregiver might read the book several times and in different ways so that the children can develop analytical skills as they answer questions regarding the story.
  • This is also the time when children are introduced to alphabets. They are taught to recognize uppercase as well as lower case letters. They are also taught the sound associated with these letters.
  • They are also provided with basic phonetic awareness so that they can manipulate the sound that would make up the language. They learn to recognize the sound and associate the sounds with the letters which produce them.
  • They are also provided with print awareness and learn that the printed word runs from left to right and from top to bottom.

The above mentioned are only a few of the ways used by the professionals at Fairfield Waters Early Learning in Townsville to teach reading to your child.

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