Must-have supplies for budding artists

That budding passion for art should be nurtured and cultivated. Quality artist supplies are the best way to support your artistic aspirations. Higher calibre artist supplies are the better choice than opting for the “cheaper” grades.

The good news is that there are inexpensive “student grade” artist supplies that are almost as good as the professional quality.

Going through trial and error in your choice of artist supplies can cost a pretty penny. The following artist supplies are not only essential; it can start you right on your artistic journey.

Charcoal pencil kit

A charcoal pencil kit is a must-have tool to start you right. Charcoal pencil kits include a piece of a white charcoal pencil which is a great help especially when you want to sketch beyond using the darker ones.

Sketching and shading become easier and better with a charcoal pencil kit.

Basic acrylic paints

Basic acrylic paints are an upgrade from traditional acrylic craft paints. These student-grade acrylic paints provide a creamy and rich texture to everything it is applied on. The intermixable features of the paints that come in traditional colour pigments make them a joy to do your painting.

Paint brushes

Both beginner and seasoned artists usually go all hog when it comes to paintbrushes. This is because of the important role played by paintbrushes with painting. The soft, but firm, paintbrushes are the best ones to use for both watercolour and acrylic paints.

Artist pens

Adding depth, outlining, and lettering your painting or mixed media piece becomes quick and easy by using artist pens. Highlighting the important areas of your media piece also becomes possible with the aid of artist pens.

Oil pastels

Vivid and vibrant colours are achieved with the use of oil pastels. Blending baby oil or olive oil to the oil pastels is an easy process to achieve the perfect colour hues. Combining the pastels with watercolour paints creates the perfect artistic “resists”.

Coloured pencils

Choosing quality coloured pencils is the perfect way to create richer colours in your painting. The student-grade coloured pencils are the best choice for the high-grade pigments contained in them. It may cost a bit but not as expensive as professional coloured pencils.


Watercolours are part and parcel of both beginner and expert artists. However, this tricky medium becomes tougher to master when using the pan and cake type of watercolours. Tube watercolour paints, on the other hand, provides lasting and richer hues to any medium.

Canvas panels or stretched canvases

The regular use of canvas for painting is the best way to become familiar with painting with oils and acrylics. The wide range of canvas’ sizes allows free rein to all your artistic creations.

Table easel

Medium and large canvases need an easel. Using an easel provides stable sturdiness while painting. Choosing the H-frame tabletop easel model allows you to move easily from one location to another while painting. Using this type of easel even allows you to watch your favourite TV shows while painting away!

There’s no end to artist supplies. However, choosing quality art supplies is also the right way to start your artistic journey. Going for the student-grade artistic supplies is the better option than opting for cheaper brands. Contact us at Melbourne Etching Supplies to learn more about our offered art supplies.



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