Is your child ready for pre-school?

A child’s brain is like an empty shell that needs filling and remodelling as they grow. Teaching your child the most basic skills can be challenging, especially when you have your career on the peak. It is for this reason that you should entrust your child to childcare centres where they can get their basic education from. Parents, however, have a hard time deciding when it is the right time to take their babies to childcare centres. Here are some basic training activities that your child master indicates their ability to move to the next level.

Signs to Look For Before Enrolling Your Child at a Daycare

As a parent, you need to train your child in the following activities to make them ready to cooperate with system schedules and rules. As soon as you observe complete mastery of the following, your child should be ready to join a pre-school of your choice.

How is their potty training coming along?

Can your child maintain a dry diaper for over an hour? If so, then they are ready to commence their potty training. Successful completion of potty training is a sign they can learn other activities and, as such ready to commence basic education. Most childcare centres demand that a child should be potty trained before admission to make work easier for the managerial staff.

Independence levels

Progressively, children learn to become independent as they grow up. How are they managing themselves, for instance, their safety, how they play with mates, and even handle stuff? Once you realise your child has everything in control and can take care of themselves, enrol them into a daycare learning institution. Independent activities for children include wiping their noses, dressing, and undressing, dealing with lunch containers, and even zipping their backpacks.

Expressing their needs

It is an impressive trait when instead of crying or creating a fuss, a child asks for whatever it is they need. The minute you sense your child has grown and can now express themselves and what they need verbally, enrol them to a childcare centre for advanced training.

Tips To Consider When Searching For a Childcare Centre

There are numerous childcare facilities all over the world. Take ample time to find the best one in your area to enrol your child in. Childcare centres need to have met certain standards that you are to check, as discussed below. You do not want to leave your child at the hands of ignorant people or more so people with a criminal past and no training at all. Here is what to do when looking for the perfect child care institution for your child today.


How much are you willing to spend on local child care services? Your budget should guide you to several institutions in your area that you can afford. You can basically inquire from several institutions to know how they charge before getting into a contract with one.


Find out what policies the institution has. Every institution is solely founded on what policies they uphold. Inquire what the school thinks about bullying, snack time, and even theft during school hours. The answers they give can help you ascertain whether you will enrol your child or not.

Legal documentation

Ask to see the legal credentials like licenses and other permits from the state indicating permission to operate within your jurisdiction. Documentation can also entail proof of training on the staff’s side just to be sure that they know how to handle kids.

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