How To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a special and major step for the young kids out there. If you ask them about their first day in kindergarten, you will realize that this matters so much to the kids. For this reason, you have to ensure that your kid’s first day in kindergarten is memorable. Some kids usually struggle with the long days they are not used to and tight schedules and routines that they have never followed. Others have a hard time because they have never been away from their parents and therefore, whatever they remember is the negative memories.

 As a parent, you have to ensure that you take some time and make your kid ready for Langwarrin kindergartens so that they have an easy time. There are several ways that you can do this, and if at all you have the will to do it, then you will make your kid have the best first day in kindergarten.

Preparing your child for kindergarten

When preparing your kid for kindergarten, you do not require any special training or skills to do so. The process of preparing your kid is very simple, and any parent would do it. The following are some tips that would help any parents have an easy time preparing their kids for Langwarrin kindergarten.

  • Establishing some routines at home

Routines are very important for any kid who is to begin kindergarten. You have to ensure that you establish a routine at home for these kids. These routines will make the kids feel safe, help them learn, and give them some control of their small world. It is also a booster of self-confidence and makes the kids feel that they belong in a family. Some of the routines include the following;

  • Bedtime routine – This is to ensure your kids have adequate sleep at night and are ready for the adventures of the next day. Some aspects of a good bedtime routine include consistent bedtime and predictable order of events such as taking a shower, wearing pyjamas, brushing their teeth, reading a storybook or singing a song. Good night kisses or hugs at night also help them feel safe.
  • Reading routine – As a parent, you have to ensure that you encourage your kid to read for at least 20 minutes every day. This is to ensure that you are helping them improve their numeracy and literacy skills. This can be part of the bedtime routine or when you and your kid are free. Let the kids pick their own story to give them some control and ensure they have a good time.
  • Mealtime routines – Family mealtime routines help kids learn healthy eating habits and also ensures that they spend quality time as a family. As you speak with them, they build language skills and strengthen their relationship with you.
  • Let kids spend time away from you. – If you have been staying with your kid all day, let them make new friends. This is to ensure that they know you will not be around them all the time and lets them build some confidence in themself. Ensure that you help them in picking the right friends so that they can be safe and comfortable. It also gives parents peace of mind knowing that their kids will socialize when they go to kindergarten.
  • Encourage independence and self-care – Do not do everything for your kid. Let them do some things on their own since you will not be there to do it for them at Langwarrin kindergarten. This will make completing tasks easier when they are away from you, like tying their shoes, going to the bathroom, and asking for help, among other things.

How to know a kid is ready for kindergarten

If you want to know that your kid is now prepared for kindergarten, look for the following signs:

  • Can make friends and talk with the others
  • Communicates their thoughts and emotions
  • Takes turns
  • Focuses and pays attentions
  • Writes and reads their name
  • Writes numbers and the alphabet

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