How to bring children closer to music?

It is important to give children the concrete possibility of enjoying music , which is a great educational-training resource, in the belief that this can contribute to a harmonious development of the person “, says Beatrice Mansi Montenegro, director of the Mozart and Music Academy. chief editor Editions Volonte & Co .

“We should therefore start from the conviction that we are educators, teachers or parents, because only from this indispensable presupposition can we place ourselves in the right direction, in search of the correct ways to propose or choose activities, listening and musical opportunities ».

turn on the radio and TV and listen to the music that “goes on the air”, perhaps in the midst of the noise of other activities, “or put a CD of” songs for children “with the mistaken belief that these are more appropriate given their simplicity. On the contrary it would be useful to make people listen, or rather,

listen together with the child

music taken from the most varied repertoires, of genres as different as possible, including so-called “classical” or jazz music

Inform yourself well before choosing a music school

Deciding to undertake a musical training course for your child must be a serene and conscious choice and therefore it is worth inquiring before choosing a school. « As far as age is concerned, we can start from when the child is a few months old, the important thing is to follow a serious path and turn to structures that provide courses for different age groups , where there are music teachers trained for teaching children, where precise teaching methods are used, where there are reference textbooks » .

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