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Art prints in Brisbane have transformed over the years; art designers are coming up with better quality images than ever before and becoming more creative and innovative. This has eventually created an increased demand among the customers who want to have them in their homes. That’s why the art prints industry in Brisbane is doing very well in comparison to most cities in Australia.

You don’t have to travel far and wide to get your work done or get the right art designer and highly skilled printers who work in close contact with the designer. Brisbane is rich enough to give you the right art print you have always wanted. Art printing is more than making duplicates of the original picture; it involves experienced professionals to do the job and give you what you want.

For you to end up with the best art print, there are some things you and your designer need to consider, especially related to the image that you want to be in frames. Some of the most basic things include the quality of the image, its size, the shape you need, the colour, the type of print, and its matter content.

If any of these factors is not well articulated, it can mess up with the entire art print. That’s why you need an experienced art designer to help you come up with the right image for your print.

In this article, we will take you through one of the factors that we could say is the grandfather factor of all the others you need to consider in your art printing, namely, the type of prints. So let’s explore this.

Major Types of Art Prints in Brisbane

There are many diverse kinds of prints offered by various Brisbane studios. Although we will not take you through all of them, three major ones are the most modern and best.

1. Etching

This method has been used for years, especially when you are looking for black and white art prints. In this type, an etching press, protective cloth, ink, and dampened papers produce the image. The designer uses an etching needle to scratch an image on a metallic plate, usually covered with wax. After that, the plate is dipped in the acid, which erodes the exposed metallic scratched lines producing a deep coloured image. It is then cleaned to leave only the etched lines of the image.

2. Lithography

This is another common kind of art print. In this type, the art designer draws the needed image on a stone, then cleaned and given the right ink treatment before being passed through any lithographic press. This method is great for those prints that are multi-coloured.

3. Screenprint

This technique is attributed to Andy Warhol, who invented it. It uses a sheet of paper or sometimes a plastic film that is cut as per the image. The art designer places it under a fine mesh layer, which forms a screen. Another plastic film or paper is placed under the mesh before the ink is applied. A squeegee is used to administer ink through the cut-out portions.

There are other methods like woodcuts, where the image is cut on a plank of wood. All these bring out the taste in the art print industry. Art designers in Brisbane are aiming for something better and bigger.

Wondering where to get art prints printed? Do a search on internet for art printers in your area.

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