App to bring children closer to music: here are our tips

The music is one of the basic languages to which you approach the child from his first days of life. There are many different theories – such as Gordon’s approach that sees “musical thought” as complementary to the development of language – which can be shared or not, but the importance of exposure to music for the smaller. Musical learning has a fundamental role to give shape to a harmonious growth of the child, developing its expressive and creative potential and giving way to communicate with the surrounding environment, with adults and with other children.

Our tips for the best applications to bring children closer to music.
Because of the importance of bringing children closer to music, there are several apps designed to stimulate musical learning through fun and interesting techniques. By simply touching the screen keys, children will be able to discover the first sounds, understand the differences between musical instruments and give vent to their creativity and imagination. Here are the best apps to learn music and musical instruments that we highlight for anyone who wants to bring children closer to this world full of surprises.


Bandimal is an app with a wild rhythm that gives the possibility to those who do not know the rules of composition to create music . The goal is to make the company of the funny dancers protagonists of the application act through the selection of sound blocks; 9 animals to be combined with 5 shades (the scale is pentatonic to simplify), each animal has a musical instrument and each sound is associated with a particular animated transformation. A fun, unconventional and simple way to introduce children to the world of musical composition.

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