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We know that spending time with your family is essential. But that is something you often miss out on due to the hectic schedules at work. This is where we come into place, bringing a Kids Music Festival for you and your kids to come and enjoy.
You can relax and enjoy the activities that we have planned for you and your family. The festival is not all fun no learn as we have arranged a series of events and activities that will surely help your child sharpen their raw talent. We operate in Australia and can safely say that our Kids Music Festival is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

Salient features

We at Rhymes Festival have a diverse program that consists of a variety of activities, and events that will engage you as well as keep your child happy all the time. But we do understand the importance of learning with having fun, which is something we have inculcated in our program.

Inspiring Talks

We have arranged a series of top professionals in the industry that will be giving inspiring talks, helping your child grow.

Live Training

Experts of the field are coming to train your kids. This will enable your child to learn from the best in the industry and enhance their talents.

Honorable Guests

We have planned many influential people in the industry to come as guests. This is an amazing opportunity for any kid to learn under the supervision of these stars in the field.

Latest News

Must-have supplies for budding artists

That budding passion for art should be nurtured and cultivated. Quality artist supplies are the best way to support your artistic aspirations. Higher calibre artist supplies are the better choice than opting for the “cheaper” grades.

The good news is that there are inexpensive “student grade” artist supplies that are almost as good as the professional quality.

Going through trial and error in your choice of artist supplies can cost a pretty penny. The following artist supplies are not only essential; it can start you right on your artistic journey.

Charcoal pencil kit

A charcoal pencil kit is a must-have tool to start you right. Charcoal pencil kits include a piece of a white charcoal pencil which is a great help especially when you want to sketch beyond using the darker ones.

Sketching and shading become easier and better with a charcoal pencil kit.

Basic acrylic paints

Basic acrylic paints are an upgrade from traditional acrylic craft paints. These student-grade acrylic paints provide a creamy and rich texture to everything it is applied on. The intermixable features of the paints that come in traditional colour pigments make them a joy to do your painting.

Paint brushes

Both beginner and seasoned artists usually go all hog when it comes to paintbrushes. This is because of the important role played by paintbrushes with painting. The soft, but firm, paintbrushes are the best ones to use for both watercolour and acrylic paints.

Artist pens

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Oil pastels

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Is your child ready for pre-school?

A child’s brain is like an empty shell that needs filling and remodelling as they grow. Teaching your child the most basic skills can be challenging, especially when you have your career on the peak. It is for this reason that you should entrust your child to childcare centres where they can get their basic education from. Parents, however, have a hard time deciding when it is the right time to take their babies to childcare centres. Here are some basic training activities that your child master indicates their ability to move to the next level.

Signs to Look For Before Enrolling Your Child at a Daycare

As a parent, you need to train your child in the following activities to make them ready to cooperate with system schedules and rules. As soon as you observe complete mastery of the following, your child should be ready to join a pre-school of your choice.

How is their potty training coming along?

Can your child maintain a dry diaper for over an hour? If so, then they are ready to commence their potty training. Successful completion of potty training is a sign they can learn other activities and, as such ready to commence basic education. Most childcare centres demand that a child should be potty trained before admission to make work easier for the managerial staff.

Independence levels

Progressively, children learn to become independent as they grow up. How are they managing themselves, for instance, their safety, how they play with mates, and even handle stuff? Once you realise your child has everything in control and can take care of themselves, enrol them into a daycare learning institution. Independent activities for children include wiping their noses, dressing, and undressing, dealing with lunch containers, and even zipping their backpacks.

Expressing their needs

It is an impressive trait when instead of crying or creating a fuss, a child asks for whatever it is they need. The minute you sense your child has grown and can now express themselves and what they need verbally, enrol them to a childcare centre for advanced training.

Tips To Consider When Searching For a Childcare Centre

There are numerous childcare facilities all over the world. Take ample time to find the best one in your area to enrol your child in. Childcare centres need to have met certain standards that you are to check, as discussed below. You do not want to leave your child at the hands of ignorant people or more so people with a criminal past and no training at all. Here is what to do when looking for the perfect child care institution for your child today.


How much are you willing to spend on local child care services? Your budget should guide you to several institutions in your area that you can afford. You can basically inquire from several institutions to know how they charge before getting into a contract with one.


Find out what policies the institution has. Every institution is solely founded on what policies they uphold. Inquire what the school thinks about bullying, snack time, and even theft during school hours. The answers they give can help you ascertain whether you will enrol your child or not.

Legal documentation

Ask to see the legal credentials like licenses and other permits from the state indicating permission to operate within your jurisdiction. Documentation can also entail proof of training on the staff’s side just to be sure that they know how to handle kids.

Things To Consider While Choosing a Childcare Center

There comes a time when every parent encounters the stress of finding a place for their little ones, where they can be little social beings well taken care of. Whether it is because they have to return to work or that it is finally time for the little toes to step outside, where to leave your child is a terrifying concern. Here are few things that you should definitely consider in finding the best child care center for your little darling:

List your prime requirements

From cost to location there can be a range of major concerning factors for parents while choosing a childcare in adelaide center. You should list your biggest concerns as per priority so you can decide what combination of preferences work for you the best.


After home, the child care center will be your child’s source of learning. To see how the academics and activities are structured is very important for they play a pivotal role in preparing your child for school. You must know and assess the ideology and aim of the child care center to see how they will be shaping your child.


Your surroundings, ranging from the air to the furniture and the people that surround you, have a great impact. It is very crucial to visit all those centers that might be in your considerations to analyze the surroundings. The visuals and the warmth are the first factors that will reach out to your child. Imagine how hard it will be for your child to embrace a completely new place. You are the best caretaker of your child and to find something near that is a horror. To look into the staff is important because they will be the ones handling your child directly. Policies on cleanliness and hygiene are extremely crucial to see because those will affect your child’s health. Your child’s time during those hours will be spent eating, playing and exploring there, to see how the surrounding is kept and to tour the place is a must.


One of the best ways to shortlist the child care center options is to ask around. Co-workers, extended family members and friends are the best source of genuine opinions and recommendations. Beyond your trusted circle, you can question the parents of other children in the child care centre that you are considering (given that they are willing). Ultimately, you can turn to the internet to search for a denser variety of reviews and recommendations.


Being a parent is mostly about following your gut. You might find fellow parents loving something for your child while finding it to not suit or appease you at all. We all have our own preferences. Even if all the preferences and requirements are met, you can still not feel right about something. And if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. It really is all about your gut. As a parent, always trust your instinct.

App to bring children closer to music: here are our tips

The music is one of the basic languages to which you approach the child from his first days of life. There are many different theories – such as Gordon’s approach that sees “musical thought” as complementary to the development of language – which can be shared or not, but the importance of exposure to music for the smaller. Musical learning has a fundamental role to give shape to a harmonious growth of the child, developing its expressive and creative potential and giving way to communicate with the surrounding environment, with adults and with other children.

Our tips for the best applications to bring children closer to music.
Because of the importance of bringing children closer to music, there are several apps designed to stimulate musical learning through fun and interesting techniques. By simply touching the screen keys, children will be able to discover the first sounds, understand the differences between musical instruments and give vent to their creativity and imagination. Here are the best apps to learn music and musical instruments that we highlight for anyone who wants to bring children closer to this world full of surprises.


Bandimal is an app with a wild rhythm that gives the possibility to those who do not know the rules of composition to create music . The goal is to make the company of the funny dancers protagonists of the application act through the selection of sound blocks; 9 animals to be combined with 5 shades (the scale is pentatonic to simplify), each animal has a musical instrument and each sound is associated with a particular animated transformation. A fun, unconventional and simple way to introduce children to the world of musical composition.

How to bring children closer to music?

It is important to give children the concrete possibility of enjoying music , which is a great educational-training resource, in the belief that this can contribute to a harmonious development of the person “, says Beatrice Mansi Montenegro, director of the Mozart and Music Academy. chief editor Editions Volonte & Co .

“We should therefore start from the conviction that we are educators, teachers or parents, because only from this indispensable presupposition can we place ourselves in the right direction, in search of the correct ways to propose or choose activities, listening and musical opportunities ».

turn on the radio and TV and listen to the music that “goes on the air”, perhaps in the midst of the noise of other activities, “or put a CD of” songs for children “with the mistaken belief that these are more appropriate given their simplicity. On the contrary it would be useful to make people listen, or rather,

listen together with the child

music taken from the most varied repertoires, of genres as different as possible, including so-called “classical” or jazz music

Inform yourself well before choosing a music school

Deciding to undertake a musical training course for your child must be a serene and conscious choice and therefore it is worth inquiring before choosing a school. « As far as age is concerned, we can start from when the child is a few months old, the important thing is to follow a serious path and turn to structures that provide courses for different age groups , where there are music teachers trained for teaching children, where precise teaching methods are used, where there are reference textbooks » .

What we do best?

The festival is not all fun no learn as we have arranged a series of events and activities that will surely help your child sharpen their raw talent. You can relax and enjoy the activities that we have planned for you and your family. 

We operate in Australia and can safely say that our Kids Music Festival is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

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If you have any queries, any suggestions or recommendations, or if you are interested in signing up for the festival, simply visit our website https://rhymesfestival.com.au/ right now and leave us a message. We will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving the message.

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